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You say Rosé, the Italians say Rosato

The French have a decent advantage when it comes to rosé wines, afterall, it’s a French word, right?! Italian rosés, also known as “rosato” wines, are pink wines that are made using red grape varieties. Just like the French, they get the pink hue as a result of removing the skins from the juice very […]

Don’t be fooled by “Reserve” wines

As you stroll through the liquor store aisles you my come across a wine that looks like a good contender, and next to it the same wine with the word “Reserve” on the label. The price is higher so you think, that’s the one! But buyer beware, don’t be fooled. Originally, the term “Reserve” wine […]

Uva Wine Bar FAQ

Uva Wine Bar opened in June 2019 and since then we’ve received a lot of questions from our customers. No question is a bad question, so we’ve listed them here in case you’ve been meaning to ask… Q. Where did the name Uva come from? A. Uva means “grape” in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Q. […]

To Cork or to Screw, the Great Closure Debate

Do you feel screwed if you buy a bottle of nice wine and you didn’t get to pop a cork? For decades there has been an intense debate within the wine community about whether the cork or the screw closure is best. The screw cap came into existence in the 1970s and was widely perceived […]

Uva Wine Bar Donates $2,500 to Beth Israel Deaconess – Plymouth Breast Center as Result of Its “Clink For Pink” Campaign

PLYMOUTH, MA (November 11, 2019) – In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Uva Wine Bar, the South Shore’s first and only self-serve wine bar created a month-long “Clink for Pink” campaign to raise funds for Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital’s Plymouth Breast Center. This year, Uva raised $2,500 through wine sales and special […]

Grape Nobility

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 grape varieties that have been used to make wine around the world? Of these grapes, only a few stand out as ones that are relied on to produce what most consider to be the best and most delicious wines that you enjoy at the table. These […]

The Skinny on Sulfites

What are sulfites? Are they bad? Are they the cause of headaches and other post-consumption maladies? Sulfites are a natural by-product of the fermentation process and serve as an antioxidant and preservative in wine. All wines have sulfites. The practice of adding sulfites has been a part of the winemaking process since ancient Rome and […]

Meet Katy & Michelle, the founders of Uva

Uva is the brainchild of two local wine enthusiasts, Katy Thayer and Michelle Manware. Back in 2017, Katy and Michelle discovered self-serve WineStations at a bar while on vacation in Grand Cayman. That vacation turned out to be a pivotal moment in their lives as it sparked a brilliant new idea for the two South […]